We are not carrying sod at this time at the new location, sorry for any inconvenience.

Pallets are approximately 150 pcs or 400 sqft of sod and usually arrive Wednesday morning. They are sold by the piece on a first come first serve basis. Keep in mind that sod cannot be cut if the fields are underwater so sod delivery may be delayed or curtailed if there is extensive rain that week. Please call ahead to confirm availability if needed.

Customers needing a entire pallet or significant fraction thereof must pay at least two days in advance and pickup in store.

  • Customers prepaying for a pallet may specify pickup date and time during regular business hours and a pallet will be reserved for them.
  • There is a forklift available to load the pallets into a truck or trailer but Emerald does not deliver or install sod unless it is part of a larger landscaping installation.
  • Please keep in mind that depending on the depth of the dirt backing and moisture content a pallet of sod may weigh well in excess of 2000 pounds; be sure that the vehicle and/or trailer is rated for this load, and that tires are in good condition and properly inflated prior to pickup.
  • Emerald Island is not responsible for damage caused by overloading or improper operation of the pickup vehicle.