Tree Stakes & Accessories

New trees may require stakes to help anchor them until they are firmly rooted. Make sure you get the right products and techniques to prevent girdling. Our green garden tie tape will stretch with plant as it grows while still providing firm support to smaller trees and shrubs. Black tree webbing will provide a more secure and durable hold for larger plants but isn’t as stretchable.

Ground cloth won’t stop new weeds from sprouting on top of ground cloth but it is still an excellent idea if you are covering new areas in mulch and gravel. Applied correctly our durable commercial grade ground cloth will smother existing weeds and grass beneath it. It will also prevent smaller rocks and gravel from working their way into loose soils reducing the need to “top-off” rock beds in the years following installation.

Plastic Edging is sold in 20ft sections and each includes four stakes and one connector. This highly recommended for both mulch and gravel beds to prevent ground cover from floating away or being sucked up by mowers. Well placed edging will also slow the intrusion of grasses like St. Augustine that tend to spread into bedding areas.